Thursday, April 30, 2020

Colors ...

Once upon a time, when my first nephew was very wee, a Colors book appeared.

I can't recall who bought it or who gifted it but I loved it. It was so much more than colors. It was hues. It was variations. But it was also objects. And words. So much for a wee one to explore in so few pages. Red featured little red rubber boots but also cherries, with their purplish hue. Yellow featured rotini pasta. Green, peas. White, a daisy. Brown, a moth. And so many more. Pink featured a little cake. My niece was in love. So one year, for her birthday, my mom took the book to the bakery and asked the owner if she could recreate it. She could. And she did. She charged my mom three dollars.

My niece's eyes were wide. "The little pink cake!" It is one of our favorite stories about her.

That exact book is no longer in print, it seems, but a relative of it is in some ways better.

Bigger. Cardboard. Tabbed. More pictures. Sturdier.

It has become my little go-to baby gift.

Today, a friend wrote, "I gave that wonderful Colors book as a gift to a friend’s newborn son. Thanks for introducing my family to it."

I gave it to him when his grandson was born. And I am delighted that he finds it worthy to gift to others.

If you'd like to purchase it, may I suggest you opt for an independent bookseller?


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