Monday, March 18, 2019

Water, Interrupted ...

On January 24, I wrote this post about donating my birthday to charity: water and my intent to raise $50,000 to mark what I intend to be my 50th birthday.

On January 25, I gained an even greater appreciation for the water I take for granted.

I won't bore you with the intricacies of my home's plumbing but suffice it to say that I have two sump pumps in my basement. In theory, the secondary sump pump should never kick on. If it does, something's wrong.

Something was wrong.

I had had the plumber out twice that week to rod my sewer line. The clay pipe gets breached by tree roots. Rodding chews 'em up. Every few years, a few hundred bucks and I'm good to go again. So to speak.

But the problem persisted. I called the plumber again. By the end of the day – 5:30 p.m., really, which I presume is overtime in plumberworld – I had two plumbers and an apprentice standing in my living room.

The news was not good.

The gist was that they had to tear up my sewer line and replace a portion of it.

As you may presume, this is not an inexpensive repair.

The polar vortex was due the following week so the work had to happen Monday, in large part so I could leave my water running at a trickle for a couple days so as to not allow my pipes to freeze.

Also, I needed to be able to use my plumbing for all the usual purposes. I could forgo laundry, sure. I could pile up dishes – and did – but there's the little matter of, well, you know.

Monday came. Equipment arrived. Digging commenced. I had shared a thought with the head plumber. He had an alternate theory. His turned out to be correct: a company doing work in the parkways had ... drum roll please ... drilled through my sewer line!

So in the end, I wasn't responsible for the costs.

And I was very excited to have the use of my plumbing again.

I made do for a few days.

Some people have been making do for their entire lifetimes.

That's not OK with me. I hope it's not OK with you.

And so, I want to help. In this year of turning 50, I intend to raise $50,000 to help bring potable water to those most in need.

Be it $5 or $50 or $500 or more or any amount in between, I would be delighted and humbled for you to lend your support.

Lovely friends have contributed already, generously. I'll be reupping the campaign quarterly, per charity: water's requirements. (I'm not able to maintain one campaign until November.)

This is the link to my campaign.

You can find out more about charity: water here.

If a contribution isn't feasible right now, perhaps you can share the link:

Spare a thought for those in need the next time you flip your faucet and clean water appears.

I thank you.

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