Thursday, September 20, 2018

I Know Most People Won't Understand This ...

I'm trading thoughts with someone about Robert McKee's opus "Story" and just wrote this little blurb, which has me cracking up this morning so I'm putting it here for posterity (or until I delete this blog):

Thanks for the words about McKee’s book. Yes, the structure. When I began reading it, I thought, “I know how to write a story, basically.” Only to discover that McKee’s book says, in effect, “Oh, you have no idea. You think you know but that’s only because your pathetic oversimplified stories have never encountered this rigor! Have you thought about your archetypes? Well, have you?! Do it now! What about your structure? It’s not linear, you ninny! If it’s not 1,000 different M.C. Escher drawings intersecting in 200 dimensions, you’ve failed! Don’t you dare type ‘FADE IN’ until you’ve unraveled every mystery of the cosmos, you hack! You think Einstein was a genius? Yeah, well, he didn’t write ‘Chinatown,’ did he?”

Or maybe that was just my take on it. (I might wanna write a movie that’s just Brian Cox-as-Robert McKee screaming at the audience for 2 hours ... .)