Monday, June 11, 2018

Just the Funny Parts ...

As I've written before, I don't write reviews. I don't want to divulge. That privilege belongs to the author. They've put in the work. They've earned the right.

But I am happy to let folks know, "You should read this!"

So: You should read this!

As my smartphone addiction has grown, my ability to focus has waned. I'm trying mightily to reverse that trend and read more books again.

I heard about Nell's book through Linda Sivertsen's the "Beautiful Writers Podcast." As a rule, I don't like to know about things in advance: I don't reading movie reviews. I try to avoid trailers. But my podcast addiction gets the better of me so I listen to Linda and her guests, then read, then listen again.

Just shy of the halfway mark last night, I tweeted about Nell's book and mentioned that I was breaking for dinner. She replied that I should skip dinner and keep reading. Alas, I had already eaten, so I replied to her that I'd forego sleep instead.

I did eventually sleep but I picked up reading first thing this morning and delayed doing anything else until I finished.

I have always loved learning about process and going behind the scenes. Nell has so may tales to tell. And as I continue to noodle around with a memoir, I'm happy to read really fine examples of the form.

It is encouragement of both creativity and empowerment. In this bright environment of #MeToo and #ERANow, I value brave voices more than ever.

That some are funny helps, too.


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