Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Life-Changing Magic Of Dealing With The Crap On The Floor Of The Back Seat Of My Car ...

Marie Kondo's shorthand is "tidying up," and I do indeed like tidying up in my house but I don't think of tidying up my car even though that what I'm doing.

Generally, folks who are hopping into my car for the first time marvel that it's not filled with crap. No, the passenger seat and the floor in front of the passenger seat are not piled with Starbucks cups, newspapers, fast-food bags, plastic bags from the grocery store, the detritus of a busy life. And that would be because I do not have a busy life. I work from home. Getting in my car is not a foregone conclusion every day.

I used to be a bit better about keeping it vacuumed, too, and so, in that way, it looked extra nice. Maybe some dust on the dashboard – OK, maybe a lot of dust on the dashboard – but tidy. Ish. Tidy-ish.

The floor of the back seat, however, can be another story.

I have a menagerie of pals in the back seat behind me. It started with an Uglydoll my brother's family gave me for my birthday one year. Ox began riding around in the little cubby where the arm rest would fold up. And then my other brother gave me a big Gumby one year as a gag at Christmas. I wasn't sure what to do with him so I put him in the back seat when I left my parents' house that day and it was kinda funny, having Gumby as a passenger. So I kept him in the back seat. And other friends have been added around him.


Given that ain't no one gonna be sitting in Gumby's seat, the floor in front of Gumby and pals became the spot where I'd stash stuff: an umbrella, a tote bag with "car stuff" – a flashlight, a roll of duct tape, a hand scraper, etc. – and where I'd tuck garbage to get it out of the front seat until I could throw it away.

The passenger seat and the floor in front of it was nice and clear. Like the front seat. When Mom and Dad and I would go somewhere, I'd drive. Dad would sit in the back seat.

But Dad hadn't been in my car in a long time and so when I had things that I needed to drop off somewhere, someday, I'd toss 'em on the floor back there: batteries to recycle, plastic caps that I save for someone who takes them to a magical place where they get collected and recycled into plastic park benches, plastic bags full of plastic bags to drop off at the grocery store.

And yesterday was the day! I toted three large Ziploc bags full of caps to the magical cap-collecting place that I finally discovered. I took the batteries to the library because it's a designated drop-off spot. The plastic bags had already been stuffed into a rather full bin.

And I sauntered back to my car feeling lighter.

Here's to taking a few minutes to do things I've been meaning to do for months!


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