Tuesday, May 29, 2018

My Post-Facebook Reality ...

In an email exchange this weekend, Doreen asked: "So ... it's been a while - do you find yourself missing FB?"

I replied: "Nope, don't miss Facebook. I miss some of the people.* But I don't miss it as a time suck and distraction. I still log plenty of time on Twitter but aside from the first couple days when I reached for my phone to look up information on FB – restaurant hours and such – nope, I'm good. It's kind of like changing a dietary habit: sure, something tastes good but if long-lasting change is gonna take effect, it's gotta go. Actually, it's more like being an alcoholic, come to think of it. I can't do 'just a little Facebook.'"

This morning, I listened to the latest episode of "Why Is This Happening?" Chris Hayes's conversation with Tim Wu is insightful and nuanced. (All the episodes are great. I recommend subscribing.)

I appreciated the commiseration – I'm always glad to know others are feeling what I'm feeling and thinking what I'm thinking – and I came away from the episode all the more glad that I left Facebook behind.

*Note: By "I miss some of the people," I do not mean that I only miss some of my Facebook friends. My Facebook cohort became self-selecting. If I irked some people, they unfriended me. Also, I was friends with folks who didn't much use the platform so we didn't really interact. The folks who engaged in my feed are lovely. But some of the folks I'd encounter when engaging on friends' feeds? I don't miss them. The rise of Trump has unleashed a lot of ugliness. I'm glad to know it's there but I learned that it's fruitless to engage with it. They want to believe the crap they're pumped full of every day.


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