Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Life Lesson From My Weather App ...

It was supposed to rain. A lot. Thunderstorm icons all week. So. Much. Rain.

I fret about excessive rain. I have a finished basement. It's flooded three times. I now have a hard-wired generator and my plumbing has been rerouted so, short of lightning hitting the generator and it failing, I should have no more concerns about water in my basement. But my brain remembers. My adrenaline still wants to surge.

I have learned, however, to some degree, to calm down. I still fret but not nearly as much as I did in the past.

All the mechanical steps that can be taken have been taken.

I cannot control the weather.

And, I have come to understand, the weather app is often wrong. As I type this, this week's weather icons now predict sun or partial sun. From all thunderstorm icons to no thunderstorm icons at all.

As one of my cousins says, sarcastically, of meteorology: "It's not like it's science."

So, more and more, I'm learning to be. To take things as they come. To deal with them if / when they present themselves and not lose literal sleep over them.

To take a phrase from "What About Bob?": Baby steps.


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