Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Really, Really Ready ...

On Sunday, I put my shovel away.

During the wintry months – not just the winter months because those have lost their meaning – it leans up against the house, next to the railing, so when it snows, I can step out my front door, compact as little of the snow as possible with my not-small shoes, grab the shovel, and start clearing the snow.

We had a dusting last week, no shoveling necessary. But on April 22, I put the shovel away. If we get any more snow, even an amount that requires clearing, folks will just have to trudge through it. I'm not shoveling in the last week of April. Nuh uh.

Likewise, I put my snow brush / scraper back in my trunk. It lives in my back seat during the wintry months. (I needed to free my car from an ice cocoon on St. Patrick's Day.) In theory, I shouldn't need it again for six months. At least. I hope.

The silver lining in all of this is that I have not yet cut my grass for the first time this year. The longer I can put off the first mow, the happier I am. I cut it for the last time each year in mid- to late November. Not mowing until it's almost May is okayfine with me.

Flowers are blooming. The grass is greening. The trees are budding. I miss leaves. The other day, Snow was lounging near my neighbors' shed, one of the few spots of shade in our yards. Until the trees leaf, it's rather bright out there.

I'm no fan of summer, mind you. I'm sure you've read that here before. On Sunday, I was sitting on Mom's front stoop, taking a break from raking up twigs, and mentioned that summer could be just like that, thankyouverymuch, mid- to upper 60s, sunny with a breeze.

Maybe a smidgen warmer during the height of summer. I could agree to, oh, 78. But that's my upper limit.

And, of course, no humidity. That feeling of walking out of air conditioning and into a damp rag is my least-favorite part of summer.

This time of year, though, I'm game. It feels to get outside and move and do a bit of yard work. Until the trees are ready, though, I prefer to do that work under clouds.


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