Friday, July 21, 2017

Creativity In The Era Of Trump ...

Last night, amid the breaking news and punditry, I had a flash of an idea:

It would be fun to record a song – a torchy, sultry number, as that would appeal to Trump's sense of his irresistible nature as well as suit my voice – that lavished praise on him for a few bars ... then kicked him in the groin in the chorus.

This morning, I put pencil to paper as lyrics started popping into my head.

I didn't write a complete song in the first pass but then I realized that with Trump's attention span, a verse, chorus, and coda would be plenty, maybe even too much.

I have a simple melody in my head and I pondered recording it a capella but it would be fun to arrange and produce it so if that's your wheelhouse and you're game, let me know.

[ Untitled, For Now ]

You're a star, they let you do anything
You're a winner, so big, through and through
The problems, alone you can fix them
But Mueller's got a message for you

Oh, Donald, you're going to prison
The big house is where you will stay
The White House will someday recover
Just as soon as they take you away

The handcuffs, they're not golden
To Putin you're only beholden
And there is no KFC in prison

I feel better already ... .

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