Thursday, February 16, 2017

Really, Jayson? Really? Quickie Lighting Edition ...

I haven't written a Jayson post in just about a year. Part of me thinks, "Beth, you've beaten that horse beyond death. You've pulverized that horse. That horse has been reduced to atoms."

But part of me can't resist the lure of the ridiculousness. So I popped by the site again today after a long, long time away. And I found a couple things that made me sniff derisively.

And so here we are.

Ken, this one's for you.

Vintage Clip Lamp

Vintage Clip Lamp – $595

In case you've been to IKEA recently and thought, "$12.99? That's just too damn affordable. Why can't I spend 46 times as much on a small, clip-on lighting device?!", be comforted, kids. Jayson has heard your lament.

Of course it's French. Everything from Jayson is French. But what more do we need? Someday, when climate change has caused the seas to rise and the continents are nearly submerged, France and Jayson's retail location on Clybourn will be the only two visible landmasses on the planet. And still, Jayson will not lower its prices.

Vintage French Wall Lamp

Vintage French Wall Lamp – $3,495

And if, while you're at Jayson nabbing the $595 clip lamp, you find yourself thinking, "But I need another clear-bulbed lighting fixture so I burn the brightness of the filaments onto my retinas in record time!" or "$595 is less than I'd like to spend. Do you have something, say, six times more overpriced? I'm so bored with affording health care. Thanks, Obama," once again, Jayson's got you covered. Huzzah!


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