Friday, February 17, 2017

Really, Jayson? Really? Misfit Atom Edition ...

Aw, the poor giant atom model.

Nobody wants it.

It's been reduced. Again.

Vintage Metal Atom Model

Vintage Metal Atom Model – Was $4,795, Then Was $1,999, Now $999

What I wrote the first time around:

It is, of course, from France. As most Jayson Flea items are, but "Huh," I thought. "That seems like quite a lot of money – even by Jayson standards – for a model of an atom."

And then I checked the dimensions.

Would you like to know the dimensions?

63"W x 55"D x 42.25"H

That's right, this model atom is more than five feet wide.

And it's not necessarily that old. It's listed as "20th century."

Do people in France have very poor vision?

Or did someone make a model of an atom that would be to scale if it were viewed from space?

I greatly appreciate the very precise height dimension of 42.25 inches. Because how upsetting would it be to get your giant atom home only to discover the perfect display space is a quarter inch too short?

I would like the meet the person who buys this big-ass atom. If that's you, please do drop me a line.

And then what I wrote the second time around:

Well, no wonder I never heard from the person who bought the big-ass atom. The big-ass atom is still for sale. And drastically reduced. Do you think it's occurred to someone that it would have been better to leave the big-ass atom in France?

It was "drastically reduced" the first time around. And now the drastic reduction has been cut in half.

I wonder if the giant atom model will ever find a home.


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