Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Revelation Of Morning Light ...

I was awake before 5 a.m.

There's a lot swirling in my brain these days – none of it good – and so sleep is an ongoing negotiation.

But I'm grateful for the permission of darkness. I take the time to read and to listen to podcasts and notice the world come alive as the light appears and changes.

This morning, walking through my living room, a room in which I do not do much living, I spied cobwebs between two chairs.

I literally stopped and stared at them. I should have thought to snap a photograph but instead, I fetched my vacuum. And as I sucked them up, I thought, "Well, there's a metaphor for my life. You are way too static, kid. Too stationary. Nothing moves in you life. There's just sameness, day after day."

I also thought, "I bet Angelo never finds cobwebs." He's always moving things around. We are perfect opposites in that way.

So here's to movement. Here's to change. Here's to noticing. Here's to doing. Here's to shifting into Drive.


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