Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Sound Of Recognition ...

When I was young, my folks went on business trips and my mom's mom babysat. I remember her liking to watch "60 Minutes" and I also remember thinking "60 Minutes" seemed like the most boring show in the world.

And then I grew up. And I watched "60 Minutes" for a good long time, until the Lara Logan mess about Benghazi, and then I stopped.

But I had also started watching "CBS Sunday Morning" and my love of that remains.

So a few weeks ago, I was plopped on my couch, remote in hand, and I arrived at a segment about songwriter Diane Warren (you can watch it here). About three minutes into the segment, this appeared on screen:

And I felt it in my chest, the sense of "that's where I belong."

I love being in a studio. I love being behind a mic. Singing will probably always scare the bejeezus out of me, at least a little, but that fear falls away after a take or two when I'm behind a mic. Mind you,
I am far from a great singer but as Angelo once wrote to me, about a different endeavor: "Just do it because it's fun."


To date, I've just been playing around with existing tracks, which are fun yet limiting. I have to sing in the same key at the same tempo and hit notes in exactly the same way. Finding suitable songs is a challenge.

What I would really love to do is work with a musician or a band or an arranger and work up songs that suit my voice, my range, my ideal keys.

I've found a studio. I popped by a few weeks back to check it out.

I haven't yet found extra cash to pay for studio time.

But if thoughts become things, well, then, Universe, I'm thinking. I'm writing. Work your logistical magic, please. I'm not about to quit my day job, but I'll be happy to get back into a studio at night.

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