Thursday, March 03, 2016

I, Pundit ...

I am a politics junkie.

I have zero intention of every running for office but almost everyone I follow on Twitter is a reporter or news source. So all day, every day, I click on stories and read and repost.

By the time my beloved Rachel Maddow appears on my tee-vee machine, I'm up to speed on most of the day's headlines. When she teases a segment, odds are good that I know what's coming up next.

This presidential-election cycle is, as my friend Angelo would say, banana-crazy-pants, and so, if it's possible, I'm consuming even more political stories than ever before.

And I'll admit that I wavered for a while between Hillary and Bernie. I could see merits of both campaigns. But then Hillary enlisted Chelsea to stump for her and, well, that didn't go well. The scale tipped for Bernie.

But the other day I realized that it's not a scale. It's a seesaw.

And Trump – well, Drumpf, really – is firmly planted on one side at this point. And Hillary, for all of her accomplishments, is too centrist, in my view, too Obama-like in her policies. And while I think President Obama has done a remarkable job as president, especially given that the Republican response to every. single. thing. he's tried to do has been "No.", well, if we elect someone Obama-esque for the next go-’round, we're going to get more of the same.

Meanwhile, Senator Sanders is far to the left. Too far, some would say. Au contraire! He's as far to the left as Drumpf is to the right.

And on a seesaw, that means balance. Secretary Clinton is too near the fulcrum.

Yesterday, my brain felt the need to illustrate this. Because I like making silly images on my computer.

Mind you, I will gladly vote for Hillary if she's the Democratic nominee. It's beyond time for a woman in the Oval Office. But for now, my money's on Bernie.


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