Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Donna Day 2016 ...

Have you met Donna?

This image of her sits on my desk. It melts my heart. The words "Choose hope" appear below her.

And that – as with everything I write about Donna – is what this post is about.

Donna died on October 19, 2009. She was four.

She may no longer be present but she is still very much with us.

Today marks the fifth Donna Day. Today, on blogs and on Facebook and on Twitter — #donnaday — and across the Internet, we are sharing Donna's story and Donna's sweet, sweet face and doing our small parts to help Donna's Good Things raise money for St. Baldrick's.

Each year, many teams contribute to the Donna's Good Things St. Baldrick's event.

To date, the total stands at $373,472.

With the addition of this year's goal, that total will sail past $400,000. But with the generosity of folks like you, really, the sky's the limit.

Kids with cancer need us. Here's a statistic that should shock you:

"Only 4% of U.S. federal funding is dedicated to childhood cancer research."

Four percent.


Donna was four when she died.

But in those four years, even though she lived with cancer for more than half of her life, "Donna danced on the stage of the Auditorium Theater, consumed a mountain of macaroni and cheese, worried the winter trees were lonely and cold without their leaves and finally enjoyed the big girl swing all by herself. Donna was singular."

Donna was singular indeed.

But she was not alone.

"Worldwide, a child is diagnosed every 3 minutes."

By the time you finish reading this post, another child will have been diagnosed. And the lives of everyone who loves that child, in that instant, will have changed, inexorably and forever.

Each year, I am profoundly honored to be a part of Donna Day. And you can be a part of Donna Day, too. Share this post, share the St. Baldrick's link, learn more about childhood cancer, use #donnaday, and pledge to do more.

I encourage you to read Donna's Cancer Story. Meet Donna. Marvel at her intelligence and humor and truly indomitable spirit. She will inspire you as she's inspired so many of us.

Read about childhood cancer and the important work St. Baldrick's performs.

And then, please, contribute to this extraordinary cause.

And choose hope. Every day.

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