Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Power Of A Simple Thought, Conveyed ...

Once upon a time, I bought a card. Just because. To send to someone someday.

On the front: "I thought of you today ..."

and inside: "... and wanted you to know."

I mailed that card a week or so ago. To a friend who's gone through a lot in recent years. A just-because card for her to find amid her junk mail and bills.

A few days ago, I turned on my phone as I do in the mornings and an email appeared in my inbox, from another friend.

It was short, just 20 words, five of which were these:

You were on my mind.

What a lovely sentence. What a lovely sentiment.

And so, so appreciated.

He knows I've been dealing with a lot, especially in recent months.

The thing is, so has he. Been dealing. With a lot.

Most folks are, really, on any given day.

But that simple gesture meant the world to me.

And this morning, I thought about the card I sent and the email I received. I hadn't considered them together until that moment, but what we put out into the world really does return.

And the impact of a simple gesture may be immeasurably profound.

If you're thinking about someone, let them know.


Blogger Doreen said...

Niiiiiiiiice :)

7:27 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Thank you. :o )

8:35 PM  

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