Wednesday, December 09, 2015

A Wee Tale About A Wee E-Book ...

I come from a long line of bakers and writers. Not professional bakers nor professional writers but women in my family have a knack for both. And I, thankfully, have been granted both knacks. Which I took for granted for a long time.

I thought about becoming a pastry chef, but a couple of days spent in a professional kitchen cured me of that notion. And I thought about opening a bakery, but I really don't want to have to bake every day.

But I wrote. And I baked. And I shared what I baked. And one day, one of my editors asked me to write a holiday-cookie story. So I did. She dubbed me The Cookie Queen. Which is why my other blog, The Cookie Queen's English, is named as it is. And the reason I created that blog was to chronicle my holiday baking that year. And then I wrote more holiday-cookie stories in successive years. And then I baked for Angelo's blog for three years.

And then, last year, I thought it might be fun to publish a little something related to cookies.

And so I did.

A year ago today, December 9, though Amazon lists the publication date as December 8.

I've joked with folks that my wee e-book – or wee-book, if you will – has earned me tens of dollars. (So much for self-publishing being my path to fame and fortune.)

But this morning, on the anniversary of its publication, I took the time to call up each month's royalty report so I could add up the past year's sales.

The grand total, to date?


I love that number. I love it because it is, indeed, tens of dollars.

But I also love it, truly, because it's seventy-four dollars and forty-one cents that I earned from something I wrote and put into the world.

Not a freelance assignment (which pay far better). Not a blog post (which pays nothing at all).

But evidence that I can, indeed, sit at this machine and clack words onto a virtual page and package them in some form and some people – some of whom aren't even related to me or counted among my very dear friends – will happen upon it and plunk down two dollars and ninety-nine cents.

And a month or so later, Amazon will transfer a royalty payment into my checking account.

Very small royalty payments.

But royalty payments nonetheless.

And if I earn small royalties, perhaps one day, I will earn slightly larger royalties. Or even much bigger royalties. Perhaps royalties large enough to pay my bills.

Who knows.

But my weebook has been a trial balloon of sorts, the kiddie pool of publishing, the means by which I have begun to wrap my brain around the idea that thoughts in my head can become words on a page that can become a commodity.

I know that writers have been earning money for a long, long time. This is not a new concept.

But it was new to me. Freelancing is a different animal. Freelancing is still a form of a job.

This is solo. And it's scary. But it's also cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on taking a chance and making tens of dollars. You are an inspiration.


8:47 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

:o )

It was a fun exercise, good to begin a project and finish it!

9:22 AM  

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