Friday, December 18, 2015

A Wee Blog Post About All The 'Merry Christmas' Kerfuffle ...

May I point out that Christmas is a day? December 25th is Christmas. Why all the consternation that folks don't say "Merry Christmas" for weeks leading up to December 25th?

We don't wish people "Happy New Year" during the six weeks leading up to January 1st.

We don't wish people "Happy Valentine's Day" during the six weeks leading up to February 14th.

We don't wish people "Happy Easter" during the six weeks leading up to ... whatever day Easter falls on that year.

We don't wish people "Happy 4th of July" during the six weeks leading up to July 4th.

We don't ... well, you get my point.

Christmas is a day. Yes, stores start decorating for in July now, but it's still a single day. That's it's been commercialized grossly doesn't change that fact.

And yes, there is a wintertime holiday season, during which other holidays occur, which is why some folks, some years ago, started saying "Season's greetings" and "Happy holidays."

It's inclusive. Inclusion is nice.

If you're a Christian and you'd like to say "Merry Christmas" for weeks on end, feel free. But if someone says something else, it's not meant as an offense. Really.

Well, some people might meant it as an offense. Some people are jerks.

But most of us don't mean it as an offense, OK?


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