Thursday, October 29, 2015

In The Moment ...

My love for fall, as I've expressed before, cannot be overstated. It is the best of all the seasons, though it has only three with which to compete. But even in a much larger field, it would win. Every time. The crisp air. The colors. The shortening days and the glow of light that beckons folks inside. The comforting foods. The lure of throws. The moment when chill gives way to warmth.

I am very much a fall-palette person. And so today, when I saw a particularly lovely tree, I promised myself I would return to capture it, that I would take a walk on this grey, cold day, and capture its subtle loveliness. Today. Lest I procrastinate and return to find it any less lovely.

And so I did.

I misjudged the temperature, though, and was not well-dressed for the walk. And so, upon returning home, I poured a bit of Scotch and appreciated its warmth all the more for having just been outside.


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