Saturday, September 12, 2015

Modernity, Beth Style ...

It was time.

I have some traveling planned for the fall, including a brief road trip, so it behooved me to act.

And so, I joined the iPhone generation.

I wasn't going to. I really wasn't going to. I can show you the bookmark on this computer (which itself is nine years old) for the replacement battery I was going to order for my Fisher-Price phone.

And then my phone received its own AARP card.

And the ghost of Alexander Graham Bell appeared to me in a dream and said, "Seriously, kid? Hell, I use an iPhone 4."

And so I ordered a phone.

And the nice UPS man delivered it.

And I set about activating it. An iPhone 6! I'm current! I'm current!

And while I was waiting for it to be activated, Apple announced the iPhone 6S.

I shit you not.

So I'll have the most current phone for a couple weeks, and then it's back to relative obscurity for me.

(Also, the same day that I activated my phone, I hooked up my new all-in-one device which offers wireless printing. So much technology at Rancho Kujawski! I'm practically bionic!)

I texted my niece right off the bat, my first official iPhone action. And I emailed a few folks. And I downloaded a few apps. And I looked up my blog on the browser.

I let it charge overnight and the next day, I found myself standing in the vitamin aisle at Walgreen's, noting that one of the vitamins my mom had mentioned needing was on sale, yet realizing I didn't know what "dosage" she took, and I snorted – softly, to myself; you're welcome, Walgreen's shoppers – thinking, "If I had a phone, I could call and ask her and save her a trip."

Yes, I've become accustomed to being phoneless in the world.

But that will change soon enough. I've ordered a very pretty case for my new charge.

But it will stay tucked away when I am in the car. I can understand the temptation. They're fun toys. But no. Not worth it.

In the meantime, I have at least a dozen followers already on Instagram. I should probably post a photo.


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