Thursday, August 27, 2015

Celery Update: Because Of Course You Care ...

I've felt the hunger. I can sense the urgent need to know. "How is the celery end doing?!", I hear in the zeitgeist. Relax, dear zeitgeist. I'm here to let you know.

Regular readers of this blog – all three of them, give or take – will remember that on August 9, I posted this pic:

And then, so gleeful was I with the celeriness of it all, I posted this two days later:

And here we are, more than two weeks hence.

As of moments ago, the little celery plant looks like this:

He has been joined by a celery friend:

The celery friend is a bit showy in the rib department:

His end is bigger, so he has more energy to put forth, I suppose. He's like The Rock of celery ends.

I am learning that growing celery ends is not a means for gathering copious amounts of celery leaves but they're happy little companions on my kitchen counter. And I love this shade of green.


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