Sunday, September 28, 2014

Design Moments That Make Me Stabby: Part The Whatever ...

I didn't renew my subscription to Elle Decor.

I don't receive any shelter publications anymore, which, on the one hand, makes me sad, but, on the other hand, is probably good for my psyche because some things in shelter publications piss me off.

To wit, this stool:

It's copper-plated steel with leather upholstery.

It's also, per Elle Decor, $4,690.

I do not like vanity pricing.

Nearly five grand? Five thousand dollars?

And, of course, nobody buys one stool. My kitchen, for instance, contains four.

The idea of spending nearly $20,000 on four stools for my kitchen gives me chest pains.

Even if I have that kind of disposable income lying around someday, I vow to you that I will not spend nearly $20,000 on four stools for my kitchen.

And I lament more than a little that I live in world in which people will spend nearly $20,000 for four stools for their kitchen.

Note: If you've recently spent nearly $20,000 for four stools for your kitchen, please don't tell me.


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