Friday, August 01, 2014

Gratitude, Day One ...

Facebook is often full of fluffy crap. But every so often, an idea worth spreading spreads.

Such is the Gratitude Challenge.

Folks tag other folks to post things for which they are grateful, three things a day for five days. And posters also tag three people each day, to expand the mission, as it were.

Yesterday, my lovely friend Lynne tagged me. It was late in the evening. I had not slept well the night before and was almost falling asleep at my keyboard. And so I postponed posting until this morning. And then I thought I should share my gratitude with more than the couple hundred folks with whom I'm friends on Facebook.

So here we are. I'll add to this post over the coming days.

1. In a somewhat perverse way, I am grateful for Facebook. Though I bitch about it a lot, it has enabled me to reconnect with some dear friends from my past (they're even more dear now than they were then) and it has introduced me to some extraordinary folks whom I otherwise would not know. So thanks, Facebook. Now leave my timeline alone.

2. Waking up this morning. Truly. This summer is marked by health episodes for several people in my sphere. I know I certainly take for granted the ability to go about my life without pain or challenge. I really must take better care of myself to ensure wellness for as long as life is granted to me.

3. Peace. Despite all the discord in our country, I am profoundly aware that we enjoy a ridiculous amount of luxury and ease, even those of us who don't enjoy ridiculous amounts of overt luxury and ease. This morning, I am listening to cars on the street nearby, no doubt people heading to their jobs. And I am listening to birds. And my fingers clacking on the keyboard of my laptop which is magically connected to the entire world, without tether. Others in other parts of the world are waking up to very, very, very different sounds.


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