Friday, May 09, 2014

Makes Beth Happy: Silver Oval Tray Edition ...

I have a deep and abiding of love of silver oval trays. I don't know why. Why does anyone love what – and who – they love? But when I spy them in antique shops and resale shops and garage sales (note to self: frequent more garage sales), I pick them up. I don't own many. I don't buy every one I see. But I have a few.

And yesterday, I pulled one out of the cabinet in which I keep such things and corralled the items that I'd been amassing near where I sit. (My kitchen counter has become my de facto office.)

It is a very simple change but it makes me inordinately happy. Everything looks better on a silver tray.

By the by, I am also slightly addicted to Karite Lips lip balm. I keep tubes of it all over the house – and in my wallet and in my car – so one is never far out of reach. The timer belonged to one of my great-aunts who left me the contents of her kitchen. I love its heft and its purposeful "DING!" It's almost stern, which, now that I think about it, makes it all the more perfect that it belonged to that particular aunt. She was a nice person but she didn't take any guff.

And who isn't cheered by a chicken-topped highlighter? Yes, I know it's a rooster, but my favorite word is "chicken." I use it when I can.

Oh, and my ever-present refillable water bottle. It's difficult to forget to drink enough water when that beautiful blue keeps catching my eye.


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