Saturday, May 10, 2014

Growth ...

Considering that we had snow on the ground less than a month ago, there was plenty of yard work to do today.

And now it is done. And now it is dark. And I will be interested to see how mobile I am tomorrow, because, at the moment, my muscles are not pleased with me.

But it was good to be outside. It was nice to open the side gate to my back yard and be greeted with the white flowers you see above. I have no idea what grows in my yard. Some of it I can identify but most of it? Shrug. I dunno. But most of it's pretty.

And I like the sunlight in that image, the palette of greens it creates. My yard may not be well pruned but it's green. Rather lush, even. Thistle sure grows well.

As I was mowing the part of my lawn that is furthest away from my house, I started thinking about what I would do with my yard if I had access to a) plentiful cash to dedicate to my yard and b) people who knew what the hell they were doing.

I've written before about my lovely neighbors and their prinstine yard. It truly is a masterpiece. They devote such love and care to it every year. And, unfortunately for them, they live next door to me. On a personal level, we're good: I love them like family. But oh, what a disappointment I am in the yard department. But it has potential. In "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" terms, my yard is Toula.

She and Ian turned out OK.

Perhaps I should skulk around home-improvement stores in the hopes of running into one of those handsome "Yard Crashers" devils. I bet one of them could help my lot.

In the meantime, I need to take a shower. And an Advil.


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