Saturday, April 05, 2014

Spring Ahead, Indeed ...

It all started with a cobweb. I blame the sun.

I was walking through my living room and spied a cobweb between a lampshade and the wall. I hadn't noticed it before – not that I walk around hunting for cobwebs – but the sun was streaming through the window in my front door at just the right angle to illuminate it, so I backtracked, grabbed the vacuum, and sucked that sucker up.

That was about five hours ago.

I've been at it ever since.

Not just vacuuming, mind you. Oh no. This fit of housekeeping included the use of a measuring tape to see if one of my desks would fit into my walk-in closet off my office. (Yup.) And my filing cabinet got tucked in there, too. And now, the chair that's been sitting in my living room in a somewhat awkward spot since December (oh, the "perils" of knowing a generous furniture designer who's quick to gift me with things I admire, so I've stopped admiring things) is now tucked into a corner of my office with a view of my wall of quotes, a cozy little spot for me to plop down and read through manuscript pages, say. My super-uber-ergonomic mesh and metal office chair is spiffy but it is not cozy. Now I have options.

And I also really, really, really need to have a garage sale. Spring is arriving just in time.


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