Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Glow Of Colored Lights ...

When I was a kid, I would tape a string of colored lights to the inside of the window casing in my bedroom. This was 100% not for the benefit of my next-door neighbors – we were friendly but not friends – but rather for me, as at night, even with the shades drawn, I would find comfort in the glow which, somehow, read mostly pink, despite the equal distribution of colors along the string.

As an adult, my tree is lit with white lights and bedecked with mostly clear plastic and glass ornaments, some mercury glass, and some silver. There are small moments of color, but the overall read is very subtle, no flash.

But on the dresser in my bedroom sits the small ceramic tree with Lite-Brite-light bulbs that once belonged to my dad's mom. It was her Christmas tree. She wasn't much for decorating and trappings. It is my one nod to colored holiday lights. I left it on on Christmas Eve night to fall asleep in the holiday glow. And again last night. It was nice to be transported, in a small way, to my childhood.


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