Sunday, December 22, 2013

Knowing When To Say When ...

Last night, after a day of doing, doing doing, as is normal this time of year, I sat myself on the couch and felt the need to ... do something.

After my snowflake-cutting extravaganza this year, my brain, it seems, now expects to do things while sitting on the couch. Idle hands, devil's playground, something like that.

So I thought about what I could do – I've had my fill of snowflakes for the season already and winter just arrived yesterday – and I remembered a round cutter I bought for another project a couple of years ago and then I stepped into my office closet and remembered some scrapbook paper I bought for L.A. Dave's memory books years ago, which were not scrapbooks, which could be why I never did end up using the scrapbook paper, and then spied some manila-folder remnants I had saved, and the manila-y color of the folder scraps and the charcoal-y color of the scrapbook paper looked like they'd play well together, so I set myself up on the couch with a large tray and the cutter and some glue options and some thread and I set about making a garland.

For what purpose?

I had no idea.

But I made it.

And in the making of it, I learned a very important lesson: When making a garland out of paper and thread, it is imperative to wrap the completed garland around a cardboard tube or some such, for the purposes of keeping it untangled.

I did not do that last night.

And I spent a good portion of the later part of the evening trying to untangle a jumble of manila- and charcoal-colored dots.

And then I gave up and went to bed.

And then I started again this morning. I told myself that with enough time and perseverance, I could indeed untangle the whole shebang.

And then the wisdom that comes with age said, "Yes, Beth, you could. But is it worth it? Chalk this up to a lesson learned, use the part that's usable, and cut your losses."

So I did. It's just a bit of paper and thread. And a bit of time.

But I can make more another day if I like.

And when and if I do, I will wind it around my new best friend, the cardboard spool, as I go.

In the meantime, though, I like my dotty garland.

And now I need to think up a new craft to do when I watch TV again.


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