Friday, December 27, 2013

And So This Is Christmas ...

My holidays were lovely. I hope yours were, too.

This year was not about presents, by design. Whenever anyone asked what they could get me, I said – and really meant – "Nothing." If they pressed, I said, "Coffee pods." I have a Keurig. (It was a gift.) I don't buy the K-cups for myself because I don't like that they're not recyclable. Though I recently learned that that may have changed.

Anyway, I'm at that age when I'm about experiences and consumables. Dinner and a movie? Perfect. A bottle of wine? Lovely.

But every so often, something arrives in my life that I didn't know I wanted because I didn't know it existed.

And on Christmas Eve, my niece hit the nail on the head.

We don't typically exchange gifts. I am happy to give gifts to my nephews and niece, but I certainly don't expect them to give anything to me.

But my niece saw Pig Popper and knew I had to have it.

I took the picture you see above and made it the cover photo of my Facebook page. Almost immediately, my friend Marc posted, "What in the hell???"

To which I replied, "It's my favorite Christmas gift!" with a smiley face, to drive home my glee.

I love everything about him, most of all that he came to me via my niece, with whom I share what is apparently a genetic goofy streak.

He makes the most delightful "Pop!" sound when squeezed.

He is going to join the menagerie in my car. One never knows when one will feel the need to pop a foam-ball snout. Who needs a Frisbee in the trunk when you can have a Pig Popper in the back seat?


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