Saturday, November 09, 2013

Resonance ...

Last night, I took in a bit of culture.

A friend called earlier in the week and invited me to join him and his wife at a performance at the Beverly Arts Center, near their home.

So I went.

It was, as The Source proclaims, astonishing.

"County of Kings" is a one-man show performed by Lemon Andersen, his memoir of growing up.

I marveled at Lemon's ability to hold the entire show in his head and to deliver every syllable flawlessly.

But there were three words in particular that pierced my heart. Three words among thousands that so poignantly spoke to everything his life had been and had been not:

"... bliss shocks me ... ."

Bliss shocks me.

Those words make me cry. To contemplate his life – and the lives of so many – for whom struggle and strife and just getting by are the norm, for whom true happiness is a concept too foreign to entertain.

There was a reception after the event. As it wound down and the crowd thinned, I approached him. Others were chatting with him. I waited.

I wanted to compliment him on his performance but I particularly wanted to compliment him on those three words. He thanked me. And then he introduced me to his stage manager who was standing nearby and told me how much his director helped shape the show. Which made me admire him even more, that he is so quick and generous to share appreciation and praise.

If you have the opportunity to see him perform the show, go.

Or, at the very least, read it in book form. In 2010, it was awarded the New York Book Festival’s Grand Prize.

It is a marvel, truly. An extraordinary journey.

It was beyond a pleasure to see it performed.

It was astonishing.


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