Friday, November 15, 2013

Really, Jayson? Really? This Is My Wheelhouse Edition ...

It arrived like a challenge: "find gifts for the epicurean on your list."

Oh, really? We shall see about that, I thought, clicking through.

I landed on a page without too many offerings. I scrolled. I spot-checked prices. Hmm. Not entirely insane.

Maybe there was hope. This time.

I spied some pewter bowls. Pewter-finish stoneware bowls. Hmm. Interesting. Pretty. More, perhaps, than I would want to spend on a bowl, but not entirely outside the realm of a reasonable bowl price, especially if the larger one is to be used as a centerpiece year-'round.

Pewter Stoneware Bowls – Starting at $98

I kept looking. Lab evaporating dishes? OK, that's a bit odd. They're quite wee. And so not entirely functional. It's not like someone is going to buy a bevy of them to use for mise en place, not at $16 a pop. But, OK, if you want to buy a host or hostess gift for a chemistry teacher or fan of Walter White, why not?

Lab Evaporating Dishes – Starting at $16

Annnnd, then I saw this. A cookbook that comes with a tote bag? Is it that heavy? I like Indian food but I never try to make Indian food. Because Indian restaurants make Indian food and I am more than happy to let them deal with recipes that require two dozen ingredients or more. But for those who might want to tackle Indian cuisine at home, a good cookbook is a must. So I'm a bit bemused as to why Jayson is offering this book, given that part of its description contains this:

"Nicely labeled color photos adorn each of the nine food chapters, highlighting various snacks, entrees, breads, and desserts. However, the presentation of the recipes is another matter. Comprehensive to a fault, but with no commentary and all the welcoming charm of an auto parts catalogue, most are presented two to a page with boilerplate listings of origin, cooking time, ingredient list, and basic directions."

If, as a retailer, your reaction to a cookbook is "This has all the welcoming charm of an auto parts catalogue," perhaps you'd like to offer your customers another option.

India: The Cookbook – $49.95

Ah, Jayson, don't ever change. I get so much blog fodder from you.


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