Friday, November 08, 2013

A Little Meditation On An Upcoming Birthday ...

Next week, I shall have another birthday.

At least, I plan to have another birthday. I plan to be here for it.

But really, no one ever knows.

I am very keen on birthdays. Not for presents or parties or hoopla. But for each one's arrival, the gift in itself.

The other night, someone on Facebook, who will be turning 50 this year, wrote that she is not going to acknowledge that "very icky day."

I left a comment for her. I considered not leaving a comment for her, but then I decided that it was important to encourage her to be grateful for this birthday, for every birthday.

A very dear friend of mine, I told her, died very suddenly at the age of 38. He did not get to turn 40, a milestone that arrived for me nine months after he died.

I was very pleased to turn 40. I will be very pleased to turn 50, should that be in the cards. And I will be very pleased to turn 60 and 70 and so on.

I will take as much time on this planet as I can get. And I will gratefully acknowledge every day of it.

Of course, I have moments when I forget how old I am, which is surely a sign of aging. Truly, sometimes I have to stop and think for a second. The good news is, it always comes to me. There is hope for me yet.

So, to the would-be birthday shunner and the woman I heard once declare that she is staying 39 forever, I offer a little hope that they will come to see age as a blessing, not a curse.

Because there is only one alternative to having another birthday.

And for that gathering, no one ever enjoys cake.


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