Sunday, October 06, 2013

Seasonal ...

When I was a kid, we would decorate the big picture window in the living room with cardboard Halloween decorations. I remember an articulated skeleton. And a pumpkin. And a black cat. There must have been others. But those are the ones I can see in my mind. When Halloween was over, they'd get tucked into a brown paper grocery bag and then put on a shelf in the basement until the next Halloween rolled around.

Mom didn't get into decorating for holidays in a big way, other than Christmas. I can't remember any Easter decorations. Not that I needed any. So long as I woke up to an Easter basket filled with loot I was happy. Jelly beans make up for a lot.

As an adult, I don't get into decorating for holidays either. I might be more inclined if I had kids. But I don't. Even Christmas doesn't get too fancy in these parts. (Unless you count the year I put up three trees. That has not been – and will not be – repeated.) I'm not a fan of tchotchkes. I put up a tree in my living room. I put out a few meaningful pieces. And that's the extent of Christmas until I start wrapping gifts and stashing them under the tree.

I don't decorate for Easter since I don't observe Easter.

And when it comes to Halloween, I have exactly one decoration, a cute little witch I spied at Target (?) years ago.

That's it.

But I have a thing for pumpkins because I have a thing for fall, so I own a few of those, each made from a different material.

This year, I nabbed them out of the closet and put them together and they looked a bit forlorn, mismatched, ununified.

So I set about looking for other things to pair with them.

I don't use the little green pitcher for anything anymore. (At some point, I convinced myself it's probably covered in lead paint and glaze.) The wooden pear (with leather stem) was painted by my Aunt Daisy years ago. I'm not prone to owning wooden fruit, but that piece is special. And the little copper pot was given to me by a friend who knew I liked to cook. It came with a bright red ribbon tied to one handle, with the intention that it be used as an ornament. Until recently, it was holding wee binder clips in my office.

It's my little still-life homage to fall, a season which should last much longer than it does.

I had forgotten about my silver compote-y friend. It makes a perfect pumpkin pedestal!


Blogger dstoutholcomb said...

for two people who only know each other through A, we have a lot in common. I have some very similar decorations--most of mine are pumpkins. I'm a sucker for pumpkin décor.

10:34 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Angelo attracts a certain breed of personality, apparently!

I love pumpkins, too. Which is a bit odd, as I'm really not much of a fan of the color orange. I once painted a whole room Spiced Pumpkin. And then I repainted it shortly thereafter!

10:38 AM  

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