Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Want To Go To There. And There ...

I am a sucker for a beautiful hotel.

I am not an extravagant person, but I like to travel well. I don't fly first class because I can't afford it – and I don't fly often enough anymore to have any miles racked up to use for upgrades – but when I arrive at a destination, I like to stay in an interesting space.

And so while I've been to New York and I've been to London, when I return to either place, I shall like to stay at The Highline Hotel and the St. Pancras Renaissance London respectively.

I stayed in a Renaissance property on my first trip to London and it was a delight. It also, apparently, is no longer a Renaissance property, as a link I've used for it in the past no longer works. (Nope, it's no longer a Renaissance property. I just Googled further.) (By the by, on my second trip to London, I stayed in a Hilton property and the bed was so abysmal, I called the then-Renaissance to check room availability because I was that keen to move.)

That Renaissance hotel was beautiful, in a converted, historic property. I'm a big fan of converted, historic properties. And so I'm pleased that the new Renaissance hotel, too, is in a converted, historic property. Namely, this:

Can you stand it?! Ohmygosh, so beautiful. Stunning.

And here it is, modern day, in color, at night:

Yes, please.

Would you like to see the lobby?

Oh, what hardship it would be to arrive in that space.

Would you like to see a room? Admittedly, this is a one-bedroom suite, but hey, nice digs:

And if ever there were a bar in which I needed to spend some time with someone and some Scotch, this is that bar:

Meanwhile, closer to home, I will always adore my beloved Bowery Hotel but one of these days, Bowery, my love, I am telling you right now, I am going to step out on you and spend the night with:

What's that, you ask? How could I be so fickle?

Tell me, could you resist the William Morris wallpaper treatment and substantial crown molding and period light fixture and antique furniture ...

and charming fireplace, whether working or not?

Of course not, and who could blame you?

But I'll still come by for a drink, Bowery ...

... because your lobby is stunning, too.


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