Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hello, Helpful! ...

Yesterday, I wrenched my back while I was getting into my car.

My car was in the garage and the door of my car wasn't open all of the way given that I'd backed in slightly off center and I was carrying a bag that contained a pan of brownies on a cookie sheet, so I was trying maneuver myself, contortionist-like, into the car while bringing the tray up and over my car door and in front of me so I could set it onto the seat.


And then I sat on a stool at a client's office, at a large table proofreading a large document printed out on large pieces of paper, and turns out, stool sitting isn't ideal for a wonky back.

So this morning, with it no better, I tried a couple of Advil.


So I tried sitting, with a pillow folded in half to support the small of my back.


So I tried making my bed, figuring that movement would be good, what with blood flow and all that.


So I tried chicken noodle soup, figuring that if it's good for a cold, why not grumpy muscles?


So I tried turning on a Springsteen disc and cranking the volume and standing in front of a speaker. Surely sound waves of Springsteen would have healing powers.


But the tune I'd turned on – "We Take Care of Our Own" – is instantly dance-y, so I tried moving a bit to loosen up.


So now I've settled on a nip of scotch.

It can't hurt.

At one point, I actually asked my back "What do you want?"

It didn't answer.

But I'm guessing the answer is scotch.


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