Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Moment Of Costco ...

So there I was, wheeling the ginormous cart past the nice man who watches to make sure you flash your Costco card, past the nice man hawking American Express cards and flu shots, past the flat-screen TVs, past the Keurigs, past the artifical Christmas trees with lights that flash white lights then colored (and wondering why anyone would want a tree like that), past the outdoor Christmas decorations, past the plush stuffed animal things that always make me wonder "Child chair or dog bed? Either, I guess," and then I stopped, in the middle of the main aisle, even though people who stop in the middle of the main aisle drive me nuts.

But I had no choice. My brain made me stop. My brain made me stop because it spied this:

Excuse my language, but my brain wanted to know: "What in fuck's name is that?!"

"That is some morbid shit," my brain announced. "Have we bred a culture of little girls who like to lie in coffins?"

And then I spied the stack of boxes behind it.

Ohhhh. It's a dollhouse.

Yeah, I don't think that makes me feel any better.


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