Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tick Tock, Tick Tock ...

So, how about those House GOP members, huh?

How about Senator Ted Cruz, whipping votes in the House – Psst! Senator! That's not your job! As cleverly denoted by the title "Senator," you work in the Senate, not the House – to pass a bill that defunds "Obamacare" even though Senator Harry Reid can't be any more clear than he's already been that any such bill will never move in the Senate?

And how about the "rally" the House GOP members had today on the steps of the Senate, trying to draw attention to the fact that the Senate wasn't in session to vote on the bill that Reid promised would not pass? There were 16 members on the steps. Or maybe 17. It was tricky to tell if there was a person standing behind the woman who was standing at the microphone. In any event, where were the other 215? Or 216, depending? If you're willing to shut down the government as part of your temper tantrum, GOPers, one would think you could make the effort of standing on some steps for a photo op. But no. That's too much effort, isn't it? As is, apparently, doing your jobs.

So here we are, on the brink of a government shutdown that will add to the deficit the GOP likes to pretend they care so much about. The deficit that, for those keeping score at home, will, by the end of this year, be about half of what it was when Obama took office.

And the Affordable Care Act health exchanges will open on Tuesday, as scheduled, even if the government is shut down. All of this breath-holding and non-filibuster-rambling and hair-on-fire-shrieking is literally for nothing on the "defund Obamacare" front, GOPers.

Though it's not all for naught. It is accomplishing something.

It's ...

... making your party a laughingstock, here and around the world.

... ensuring that the Republican party moves further into obscurity.

... and guaranteeing, damn near, that a Republican will not win the presidency for, oh, at least a generation or so. But probably longer. Because a whole lot of younger people are just starting to vote and they're well aware of the brinksmanship and they're going to remember for years and years and years which party made it harder for them to vote, made it harder for them to get a job, made it harder for them to have access to health care.

There's plenty more where that came from, but y'all get the gist.

The GOP doesn't seem to care that our troops won't get paid while the government is shut down.

Or that the EPA – the oh-so-despised-on-the-right EPA – will effectively have to shut its doors, even as the people of Colorado could really use the EPA's help in recovering from the massive flooding there recently. There's a whole lot of contaminated water to deal with but the agency that can offer assistance will be shut down because the GOP refuses to accept that the Affordable Care Act was passed and signed into law, was upheld by the conservative United States Supreme Court, and reaffirmed by voters last year, who elected, by a large margin the man who was campaigning on implementing the ACA.

Voters rejected the man who said that he would repeal "Obamacare" on the first day of his administration.

It speaks volumes about how dysfunctional conservative politics have become in this country that shutting down the United States governement is the good option facing us in the coming weeks.

The notion that our country might default on its debts is almost too much to comprehend.

And yet here we are, comprehending it. As best we can. Considering that nobody really knows just how catastrophic it will be, how destablizing it will be to the global economy, because no one has ever been insane enough to actually force it to happen.

But that's today's GOP, the party that refuses to accept that the country does not want it to be the party in power. The party that will hold a virtual gun to the planet and threaten to impose chaos if it does not get its way.

Hey, Republicans? You want to enact your agenda?

Win an election.

Not that that's likely to happen again in my lifetime on the presidential level.

So how about stepping aside and letting the grown ups govern, since you're too busy kicking and screaming becaues you're not getting your way?

The country will appreciate it.

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