Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Renaissance Slasher ...

It's fascinating, how it's all beginning to gel.

Once upon a time, I wrote about the book The Renaissance Soul and just yesterday, I decided I didn't really need to read One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Nodel for Work/Life Success (she writes about "slash" careers, as in "rabbi/comedian" or "violin maker/therapist") as I'm effectively living the subject of the book. Which isn't radically different than The Renaissance Soul. The gist of both books is that not all people just do one thing. In fact, many don't. Most, even.

We're all just conditioned to see careers as singular entities. We ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, but the implication is that they're meant to pick something. The implication isn't "There's more than one answer! Don't get bogged down in choosing!"

And interestingly, in rereading the Renaissance post, I noticed that I brought up shame, which I've been reading about in Brené Brown's books, though I Thought It Was Just Me is on the table by the front door, along with the One Person book. I've read enough on both topics to get the gist of both.

And it's amusing, in its way, that I've returned to the "problem" of wanting to do more than one thing and not knowing how to choose, only this time, I have the understanding that choosing is not necessary. One day does not have to look exactly like the next.

Some days are more creative, some are more nuts and bolts. I've partnered with the estimable Michele Woodward and am pleased to apply my journalism background to help others tell their career stories. My writer/editor side asks the questions and fleshes out the details and my obsessive-attention-to-detail side formats to my heart's content. I derive an inordinate amount of pleasure out of tabs and indents and spaces between items in bulleted lists. Ah, order, I love you so.

I'll be editing an annual report this week. But I also have a cookie to dream up for Angelo. And I had a little scenario run through my head the other day as I was singing a song and afterward, my brain said, "That's a scene in the movie!" (The screenplay is creaking back to life.) And speaking of singing, I've been mulling some material to try out at open-mic nights. It's been far too long since I've been behind a microphone, and although performing damn near scares the bejeezus out of me, the exhilaration I feel after the last note more than makes up for the need for a glass of Scotch before I begin.

Last week, I spent two days with my once-a-year client, two delightful women who aren't stingy with their appreciation for my work – the dears – and next month, I'll be filling in onsite for a vacationing content manager.

I've grown to appreciate the variation in my days, instead of trying to zero in on "the" job.

I've had several "the" jobs. None of them lasted.

It took me awhile to get the hint.


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