Tuesday, July 02, 2013

'Writers Needed (Any)' ...

Tired of making too much damn money?

Have you found yourself thinking, "I'd really love to write a nearly superhuman amount of content and get paid next to nothing"?

Well, today is your lucky day.

When you apply for "Writers Needed (Any)," you'll have the opportunity to churn out up to 60 articles per week – that's right, 60 articles per week! – for the princely, princely sum of – Wait, are you sitting down? You probably should be sitting down – between .005 and .015 cents per word.

Oh, yes, you read that correctly!

You have the chance to earn between a half cent and one and a half cents ... PER WORD!

"Our rates vary depending on the client and will range between .005 and .015 per word." So do your best to align yourself with the posh one-and-a-half-cents-per-word-paying clients!

Let's have a little fun with math, shall we?

Let's assume a 500-word article (which is short and which won't allow you to say much of anything, but it's a nice number) and let's assume you have time to research and crank out 60 of those puppies a week:

500 x 60 (30,000 words) x .005 cents/word = $150

500 x 60 (30,000 words) x .015 cents/word = $450

Consider the possibilities!

If you wrote at peak production, you could earn between $600 and $1,800 a month, and you'd only have to churn out, say, 120,000 words of decent copy!

Also consider that an average novel is about 85,000 words.

That's right: By simply pounding out the equivalent of one and a half novels a month, every month, you could earn MORE THAN $21,000 A YEAR.

Which isn't remotely enough to live on.

And you'd completely fry your brain.

But if you can ...

- Follow instructions
- Meet deadlines
- Write with excellent grammar and an engaging voice
- Perform excellent research
- Complete between 10 and 60 articles per week

... today is your day.


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