Saturday, July 27, 2013

Reconsidering Coffee ...

I didn't have coffee twice this week, on successive days, and I had the headache to prove it. But on the third morning, I was feeling pretty OK.

And I made coffee, and I drank a bit of it and woooooo! Hello, caffeine! But then I headed out to run some errands and my coffee cooled down, and well, yuck. I poured it out in a parking lot.

This morning, I made it again – less caffeine mania going on at the moment, thanks for asking – and as I'm sitting here, with my morning allotment nearly gone and the remainder of the pot on the stove, cooling down, which I will chill for iced coffee tomorrow morning, I'm wondering if I should dispense with my daily coffee habit.

I apologize to those of you who just clutched your chests.

I've pondered this before. I went through a big "Should I or shouldn't I?" debate with myself about 10 years ago. I told a friend about my plan. He was very concerned. "But we like something warm to drink in the morning," he said, sounding more than a little sad that I might be on the cusp of giving up one of life's great joys.

I had been working in an office that kept giant Styrofoam cups on hand and had taken to drinking my coffee out of them, with a proportionate amount of coffee goo, which was far too much coffee goo.

So I bought a Fiestaware mug – purple! – and kept drinking coffee, a sane quantity at a time.

I like the idea of coffee in the morning. I like shuffling into the kitchen and putting it on. I like the gurgling sound the coffeemaker makes as the brewing cycle ends. I like that friends and family know that coffee is a good gift. (Though I'm all set when it comes to coffee mugs, thanks. Although I've had to retire my beloved Mind The Gap mug, pictured above, so I shall have to return to London to buy another.)

But my relationship with coffee waxes and wanes. There are days that I want more than what I allow myself each morning, and then there are days that, a few sips in, I find myself thinking, "Blech. I don't want this."

I know, right? Weird.

Yesterday, I was telling mom about the God-awful coffee that happened on the 3-Days, back when I used to walk them. I presume the coffee has not gotten any better. I don't believe there is any good way to prepare good coffee for more than 1,000 people.

Perhaps that memory is coloring my thinking this morning. A Twitter friend is walking Boston this weekend. I suspect that she faced awful coffee this morning. It's really a shame. If ever there is a need for an early-morning caffeine boost, it's when you're about to embark on Day 2 of a 3-Day, as your body is saying, "Wait? That thing we did yesterday? You think we're doing that again?"

Henceforth or for the foreseeable future, I will assess my coffee interest each morning. Perhaps I will not cut it out entirely. Perhaps it will become more of a treat.

And perhaps I'll quickly realize the absurdity of foregoing my daily hit of caffeine.

Time will tell.


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