Thursday, June 06, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013 As Metaphor ...

There was a chance of rain this morning and the day played its part, at one point, startlingly so.

I looked out the window of my dining room, through the trees to the patch of sky that shows me the weather.

Some days, it is blue.

Some days, it is worrisomely dark, dark grey.

But today, for an instant, it looked invisible.

It was such an unremarkable shade of pale grey that it looked like nothing at all.

Then again, really, it was entirely remarkable. Given that I am remarking upon it.

But such was the morning.


And it did indeed rain, but barely.

And the sun soon followed, and brought with it the most lovely day.

Deep blue sky, slight breeze, sun-dappled everything. Bird singing. And the most fascinating sense of calm.

It felt like the ideal of an early summer day from my childhood, the kind of day that would feel like it was lasting forever. Remember those? Notable for its simplicity. Even the light was perfect.

It made me wish for a front porch. It was very much a front-porch kind of day.

And now the breeze is a little more persistent. And as the sun sets, the temperature is dipping just to the point where the breeze makes you want to put on a sweater when you step outside. I love this temperature and that sense of warmth that wraps around me as I pull on something soft and worn and long-sleeved but still the cool air on my face.

There is a timeless quality to today, an appreciation for a day that can be so ideal.

*    *    *
I walked through my back yard with my camera. 
I like the clover coming up through this hosta, and the vibrant verdancy. And I like the painterly quality of the neighboring hosta, and the bit of color from the weed peeking through.


Blogger Singaporean said...

I love natures and I love the photo you took.

10:58 PM  
Blogger Singaporean said...

You love nature too? Just to share cloud forest in Singapore. It is really beautiful and you get to see plants from many continents.

11:02 PM  

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