Friday, June 28, 2013

Really, Jayson? Really?: Sale Edition ...

Hi ho, bargain hunters!

Yesterday, Jayson landed in my inbox to tout its Floor Model + More Sale!

Let's take a look at some of the steals and deals, shall we?

If you had your eye on the castle doors but $9,990 was just a smidge out of your reach: Huzzah! Now you can grab a pair for a mere $3,998! Seriously, that's a lot of savings. Aren't you glad you waited? Aren't you glad they're still available? Is your crown polished and ready to go?

Antique Castle Door – $1,999 each, marked down from $4,995 each

Sure, this puppy is 99" wide. That's a lot of zinc-topped table. But it didn't move out the door at $11,995, so now it can be yours for only $5,999. That's right, kids: You'll save as much as you spend! Now rent a studio apartment to house this fabulous sucker!

Antique Zinc Top Work Table – $5,999

Is your home feeling a little light on Moroccan decor? It's OK. Don't feel ashamed. We all have our shortcomings. Happily, Jayson can guide you in your quest for overpriced-even-on-sale, questionably upholstered, quasi-exotic style. (This color isn't doing much for me.)

Marakesh Stool – $450, marked down from $750

And speaking of that part of the world, if you're still of a mind to buy into the pouf fad, but you were loathe to drop nearly $1,000 on what, at first glance, appears to be a giant metallic potato, but which, upon second glance, could also be a filthy bag of laundry, you're in luck! For only seven Benjamins (plus 10 Hamiltons if you buy it in the store because sales tax in Chicago is insane), you can have a Sultan Pouf. Is your turban laundered?

Sultan Pouf – $699, marked down from $995

And lastly, if you need a table at which to pull up your Marakesh Stool and Sultan Pouf, may I interest you in this antique round dining table? As with so many offerings from Jayson, it's from France. I'm sure that's why it was nearly $1,500 originally.

Antique Round Garden Table – $699, marked down from $1,495


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