Monday, June 10, 2013

'Daring Greatly' ...

I've wavered on whether to write a post about Brené Brown's "Daring Greatly."

On the one hand, I believe it to be tremendously important, a paradigm-shifting book.

And on the other hand, I understand that every person who consumes it – and everyone should – will bring their own perspectives and struggles to it, so what I have to say really means nothing in terms of how anyone else will experience the book. And yet, it feels as though there are some things I should say. Share. If only because I'm grateful when I read things with which I can identify. I welcome the relief of knowing that I am not alone.

And then, as I begin to write (this is my third stab at a post), my psyche says, "No. It's too soon."

So, maybe someday I'll be able to write more. Maybe not. But as I tweeted last night:

Buy it. Borrow it. Read it. Ponder it. Share it. Discuss it. Embrace it. Begin to live it.

The world will be the better for it.

I'm certainly going to try.


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