Thursday, May 02, 2013

Really, Jayson? Really? Special Edition ...

Today, I popped into Jayson in person to schmy around and behold the wonderment up close.

There was one piece I really loved, a rolled-arm, tufted-back sofa in gorgeously worn leather. I'd link to it but I don't see it on the site. It might be the Theodore, which is offered in a coffee velvet but which can be customized. Or perhaps it was a one-off piece. In any event, it was quite the honey.

And I saw this piece, which is rather genius, I must say, for a large apartment with an expanse of windows that needs something to fill the space underneath. Someone who lives in such an apartment surely entertains, and this bench would provide a perch for a lot of swank guys and gals, tony beverages in hand.

Field Bench with Back - 9' – $4,895

But the true "Jayson" moment of the day came right inside the front door. I spied a mirror and said, "Oh, that's nice." Subtle. Not at all blingy. Perhaps a bit old. Simple lines. I was with Doreen. She leaned in to peer at the price tag.

"Nine hundred and ninety five dollars."

"What? No," I said. Nearly one thousand dollars? What?

She stepped aside. I leaned in to peer at the price tag. Yup.

It is not from France. It is from Palm Beach. It dates to the '70s. The 1970s. And it's nearly one thousand dollars. Oh, Jayson.

Vintage Mirror – $995

And lastly, a bonus entry, a sub-entry, if you will, which I have decided to call "Jayson? Huh?"

Box of Chalk - Black – $6

Oh, and if you're looking for a gift for mom for Mother's Day, Jayson offers what appears to be a very typical orchid for $100. $100. No, I don't know why. Other than: "Jayson."


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