Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Really, Jayson? Really? Part IX ...

It was a lark, really.

I just popped over to the Jayson site to see if there was anything new and ridiculous.

Oh, silly me. Of course there was something new and ridiculous! It's Jayson!

This item damn near deserves a post all to itself, but I found a couple other items (one of which I saw when I was there recently) to include, too.

The star of the post, though, is this rugged fellow. "Hey," you might be thinking, "that kind of looks like a leather-covered cooler."

That is exactly what it is! A leather-covered Coleman cooler. Coleman. For serious. It says so right there in the description.

Yeah, a Coleman cooler. Just like the kind you can pick up at Target or Home Depot for $25 or so.

But this sucker is covered in leather. And that, apparently, makes it worth $1,495.

Now here's what I don't get: Who's the Howell plunking down $1,500 for a cooler? Because it seems to me that if you have that kind of cash to blow on a cooler, you probably have enough cash to cater whatever event others might attend with a cooler in tow. Though I suppose your leather-covered-cooler valets might tote it behind you. Would you use it as a coffee table once you arrive at your destination? Wouldn't it just look marvelous with a candelabrum on top?! Oh, just fetching! Really, top drawer!

Leather Cooler – $1,495

This little number makes the cut for two reasons: 1) Because it's a wee salt cellar for $120 – oh, do take it with you on your low-rent leather-cooler outing! – and 2) Because of the very amusing instruction "do not wash."

Rock Salt Cellar with Spoon – $120

And lastly, the Vintage Lucite Chair, aka The Chair No One Will Want To Sit In Because They'll Fear Breaking It And Also Because It Appears To Offer About The Same Degree Of Comfort As An Airline Seat Only Without The Benefit Of Arm Rests Or A Free Can Of Sprite. It's $2,495. There are four available, in case you have $10,000 burning a hole in your pocket.

Vintage Lucite Chair – $2,495


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