Saturday, April 13, 2013

Oh Maddow, My Maddow ...

I adore Rachel.

Adore her.

And today, I spent part of the afternoon with her. Just her, me, and about 995 other people.

In the charming Tivoli Theater in Downers Grove.

She's touring again now that Drift is out in paperback.

She is even more charming in person than she is on TV.

She could absolutely sell out venues doing snarky pundit stand-up. And she could denote a signature cocktail for the evening. And the profits from the booze could go to charity.

You know, when she's not busy being awesome on TV. Which is always.

But still, if she's ever in need of a post-TV career, snarky pundit stand-up could be her niche.

Which isn't to say her appearance was all snark. Far from it. It was delightful, thoughtful, playful, and erudite. Because that's who she is. But she got off a few good zingers, too.

The price of the ticket was really the price of the book plus a couple bucks thrown in for the venue, I suppose.

I already have a hardcover from the fall tour. I didn't see her on that tour, but a member of the family is in publishing and sent a signed copy to me.

And now I have the softcover from the spring tour.

And you know what I now know?

Rachel's hand is getting really tired.


Hardcover signature

Softcover signature

I'm so pleased to have seen her live. And I'm so pleased that Doreen arrived early and saved a seat for me in the 4th row.

Oh, my Rachel. I love her even more now than I did this morning.

Update: Her appearance from Saturday in Downers Grove is on YouTube. You can watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


Anonymous Dave said...

Rachel is great. But definitely one of those signatures that is a mark not a name - and a changing one at that.

I have a Leonard Cohen autograph from 1956 and one from more recently and they have almost nothing in common. But they do both clearly say Leonard Cohen.

On sadder stuff: Rachel's coverage of Boston was the best to be found anywhere in the media.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

I wonder what her "official' signature looks like on documents and such, when she's not writing her name 1,000 in a row.

Years ago, I had Dale Earnhardt autograph something for a friend. Dale's signature was surprisingly artful, as seen on the side of his trailers and such. In real life, it was scrawl. But when someone is handing something to you as you're walking from the pit to your car, you're not going to take the time to write it like you would for something that'll be used for promotion.

But you are spot on about Rachel's coverage of Boston. I was struck last night by the fact that two days prior, she was in a theater with us, talking about her book and current events and joking around. And two days later, she was standing in front of a hospital in Boston, doing her show live from the sidewalk, reporting on terrorism.

She did a great job, and I didn't know until this morning that she came back on after "The Last Word" and did another hour live.

I love her on every level.

I just watched the uncut version of the interview she did with Jon Stewart. He was sick with the flu but sat for it anyway. I saw it when it aired but it was interesting to watch it again without interruption and a bit of extra footage.

7:02 PM  

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