Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hiring Managers, Let's Talk, Part II ...

April 24, 2013

To: Hiring managers, HR professionals, et al.
From: Beth Kujawski
Re: What I intend to find in a position

Hello again. When I last wrote, I extolled my many virtues as an employee.

But if a job search is like dating, it's not enough to talk about oneself. One must also reveal what one is seeking in a prospective mate, as it were.

So, then, with some specificity, I intend to find a word-person job (i.e. writing, editing, proofreading) that ...:

⧫ ... affords me the opportunity to work with people who possess and display and value integrity. Working with those who lack it makes for a very unpleasant experience.

⧫ ... offers a creative, collaborative environment in which ideas are not only encouraged but have a real chance at being implemented. There is certainly a place for the tried and true, but "We do it this way because that's the way we've always done it" thinking isn't always the best approach.

⧫ ... expects employees to put in a solid day's work and then allows them to have a life outside of the office. I am happy to put in extra effort on the occasional big project or proposal, or in the event of an emergency, but I have seen the effects of 24/7 expectation. It's not pretty.

⧫ ... values excellence and rewards it accordingly. I once worked at a company that never awarded the top ranking on employee evaluations. The thinking was that there was always room for improvement. Which is true. But for those who went the extra mile in their jobs consistently, to never achieve the equivalent of an "A" wasn't incentivizing, it was demoralizing.

⧫ ... makes optimal use of the skills and talents that I bring to the organization yet provides the opportunity for me to learn new things I may have not even known were of interest to me.

Know of any companies that fill this bill? Let's talk.


Anonymous Ken Benes said...

Your list of what you're looking for in a potential employer is thoughtful and comprehensive. It will serve you well as you search for a position that's right for you.

As I've told you previously, with your vast array of skills, any employer would be lucky to have you.

You're not only smart, but you know how to apply your intelligence and experience to whatever you do.

You're not only creative, but a true artist. In every way.

You're not only personable, kind, and caring but also involved. What's happening in the world matters to you.

And, of course, you bake the most outstanding cookies on the planet.

I would employ you myself if I could. I'm certain somebody will hire you soon, and they will feel very fortunate for doing so.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Once again, very kind. Thank you, Ken.

From your keyboard to a hiring manager's screen ... . Let's hope your certainty is spot on.

7:56 PM  

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