Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Heartwarming ...

My friend Martha is on a trip to France, sketch pads and watercolors in tow, walking through various cities, appreciating the jaw-dropping beauty, creating beautiful art and memories, and treating herself to pastries that catch her eye.

The other morning, on Facebook, she posted this on my page:

"I bought myself a French sable from a bakery that has awesome bread. It's not nearly as good as the ones you make."

Martha, in addition to being ridiculously talented, is a sweetheart.

I already planned to gather testimonials for Baking By Beth as the year progresses but yesterday, with her permission, Martha's became the first one, edited slightly to stay sablé-specific.

The "b" that is my logo is a piece of type that Martha owns. She uses it on a fantastically cool press from 1909 that has taken over her dining room.

I love that she makes her living from her creativity.

That's my goal, too.


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