Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter, Social Edition ...

I don't observe Easter religiously.

I, do, however, observe it culinarily.

No colored eggs nor jelly beans. But Easter dinner? (Eaten at 2 p.m.?) You betcha!

Mom is a superlative menu planner. So yesterday we had a beauteous leg of lamb crowned with panko and parsley and garlic which was roasted to a lovely medium rare, and the unexpected appearance of Polish sausage, a nod to my father's upbringing and a supplemental meat, in case an eight-pound boned leg of lamb might not be enough for four people. (Yes, there were significant leftovers.)

She also made a caramelized onion and Swiss tart, though the recipe may call for Gruyere. Same effect, no need to pay Gruyere prices. And roasted asparagus — drizzled with olive oil, pre-roasting, and subjected to a good grinding of salt — that was generously sprinkled with freshly grated Parmesan and then returned to the oven for a minute for the purposes of melting the cheese.

And adorable little Yukon Gold potatoes that were boiled whole, skins on, then lightly smashed and tossed with butter and salt. And a beautiful, crisp green salad – let me tell you about my love of English cucumber, skin on, too – that got a bit of short shrift in the company of all the other dishes, but it made it onto most of our plates as a last course.

Dessert was dishes of really terrific orange sherbet, not at all the gritty, icy kind you may have had, but smooth and creamy like ice cream, along with brownies, my sole food contribution to the day. After cutting several and placing them on a plate, I inadvertently stuck my little finger into the frosting near the edge of the pan, so I cut a narrow strip, cut out the bite-sized damaged section, popped it in my mouth, and found myself saying, "Oh my God, someone should propose to me, these are so good."

I do not normally compliment my own baked goods to such a degree, but that pan of brownies turned out exceptionally well. I wisely left the balance of them at my parents' house. Several of their neighbors are brownie fans.

And the afternoon ended without a proposal, which was to be expected, as I was having dinner with my parents and one of my brothers.

I didn't eat again until 2:30 this afternoon. You know a meal was spectacular when it leaves you satisfied for 24 hours.

Though we really should enjoy lamb more often.


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