Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A Good Day At Goodwill ...

I really should schmy on Wednesdays.

It's much more pleasant to poke around Goodwill on a Wednesday afternoon than to endure the shopping-cart traffic jams that occur on a Saturday. I don't take a cart, mind you. I never buy enough to warrant the use of a cart. But still, it's more pleasant to be able to linger and look without feeling crowded or rushed.

I spend the bulk of my time in the dishes and glassware aisle. One never knows what one will find crammed onto those shelves. But I always take a pass down the adjacent assorted plastic junk and metalware aisle. There is usually a lot less to see, since I only glance at the metalware side. I'd wager that we all own more than our fair shares of plastic junk.

Typically, I leave that aisle empty-handed. But some days, there's a gem. Today was one of those days.

Ain't she grand?

I nabbed this piece of silver – Is it a tray? Is it a dish? – for $4, less 15 percent, plus tax. Whatever that added up to (I bought a few other things, too), she was a steal.

I'm a fan of tarnish, though this tarnish is a bit of a mess. What is going on in the field here?

But I tried a bit of polish on her underside and while it'll require a bit of elbow grease, she'll polish up just fine. And then I can let her tarnish again, evenly.

It wasn't until I got her home that I noticed that part of the rim was bent down. So I folded up a paper towel (to protect the metal) and grabbed a pair of pliers and started bending gently – et voila! – now her little flaw is all better.

She may end up with a friend. She may stay here with me. I think she'd be terribly handy on the table by the front door to hold my phone and keys and sunglasses and such. We shall see.

A lot of charm for four bucks.


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